Some photographers are just artists. They bring the pictures to life and thats what Koray Parlak has done here. The model in the boat makes me want to sail away to a beautiful place. So we decided to head for another holiday, this time its a cruise and the location will be a surprise. I will be adding the pics soon as well so keep watching my instagram account for updates. I have also loaded my central america experiences on my instagram and will continue to share my travel adventures. In light of the holidays I thought this post would be perfect to share to set the mood. Happy Holidays everyone!


This year the summer has arrived quite late! The entire month of May was either raining or cold and I think like most of the Swedes here I was equally wondering when will be able to go out and just take the weather in. Get rid of the jackets and be able to enjoy the sun. So finally last week showed a beautiful weather. We took full advantage with a lovely luncheon followed by the playground where my son loves to play and then headed out to spent time in the park and sitting and watching kid run across the whole place and it was literally his playground. 

I also watched this movie THE DUFF, it was typical chick flick but I totally found it so very funny and the message of the movie is really nice. Its about how this girl is picked as a Duff shes the loser of her group and the msg is all of us feel like DUFFS that theres always someone whos better, richer or prettier or happier than  us and that never ends. So its about how we live life and just be happy with who you are. I loved that msg of the movie. So if you looking for a fun easy comedy check out 


Italy has been one of my go to destinations on my bucket list after settling in Europe. The history and the beautiful locales always fascinated me. Though I would love to head to more places around Italy like Sisily and beautiful beaches offshore of the coastline someday. Naturally if it were up to me few months exploring all parts of Europe would be my way...but Im quite happy with my travel so far its been lovely.

This holiday was extra special as we went there on my hubby and my bdays! If you remember we headed to Prague on our bdays too few years back! That was such fun we walked and went partying and out till 3am. Though with a toddler the fun is more during the daytime...we set up a ipicnic at the gardens and explored Rome and had a blast...More pics coming soon :D 


The weekend has been realy fun one. With the weather finally coming around and being sunny. We were out most of the day and thanks to sunset at 10pm we had a great time. Finally the weather permits us to change our wardrobe too. If i could change my wardrobe I would love to get the Resort collection from Sophie Theallet every dress made me feel like I wanted to own it in my closet oh how I would want that. How have the holidays been for you guys?


Sweden has always been one of the countrys that fascinated me even before I came here. One of the most peaceful and beautiful norwegian countries with polite, calm and a very relaxing place to live in. We explored one of my favorite places called 'Gamlastan, its the heart of Stockholm city and just about had a blast with my hubby as we went around tasting some exotic food from thai to indian to continental...I love italian personally so the pastas and pizzas are my staple diet...not very good but combine it with greens :D