April 21, 2015

Marriage - What are your likes & dislikes?

Hi guys! I know its been a while before a new post of mine has arrived on the blog! But summer has made us go out a lot during the whole last week and exploring the city , eating, shopping what not. The most fun seems to be that my son has had so I disappeared but I was still busy vlogging and making videos! So I decided to share here the latest video I have loaded on my youtube channel :D - https://www.youtube.com/user/fashionistaera Feel free to check it out..This week I have also uploaded another video featuring my perfume collection that I had mentioned on my blog a while back but decided to also share the video! 

What do you guys think about your marriage experiences and i would love to hear in comments! Do share :D <I shared some funny stuff in the video check it out :D Also the picture of the day! I absolutely loved this dress below! 

Picture of the day!

April 9, 2015

What are friends for :)

Havent we all at some point in our lives depended on friends to get us through? Dont we sometimes consider our friends like family and share some of our hardest moments and truth with them. I sure have. I think they are the best kinda ppl to have in your life. With my travel lifestyle and not being able to maintain friends for long I can say I am truly best to have friends I have known for more than 10-15 years! That made me dedicate this video to my besties! Thank you for being the best and making my life a little lighter, happier and surely the best! Check out my video and let me know what you think of it! 

April 4, 2015

Scott Eastwood for 50 shades?

Scott Eastwood whos now gaining popularity is Clint Eastwoods son has been in speculation when fans suddenly wanted to see him as the 50 shades star. I have seen 50 shades and I must admit i personally liked Jamie Dornan, I think he played the steel and cold look in his eyes to perfection but his intensity for Ana is what really gets me. Anyways, lets have a look at Mr Scott shall we?

March 25, 2015

What I learnt from Angelina Jolie...

Dont fit in, dont sit still, dont ever try to be less that who you are, when someone tells you that you are different smile and hold your head up high, and be proud - 
Angelina Jolie

It has always been my utmost priority on my blog to highlight people who inspire me both in fashion and as heroes. As people who you see and just admire. She is the epitome of beauty and married to the hottest star today. But she wasnt always known for the perfect wife and mother that she is today. Scandals where always surrounding Angelina. But here are the reasons why I admire her. 

A true hero is someone who has faced adversities and made their life better. Thats exactly what Angelina has done, she has taken on serious world issues and visited those remote countries and war zones where no one goes. Spoken for human rights so many times and made movies that make you think. She has also done a fab job of raising 6 children and doing it battling cancer like a true survivor of it and still manage to maintain grace and elegance about it. 

Here are the reasons I admire Angelina Jolie

1) From Scandals to Humanitarian
She was known for marrying an elderly Billy Thornton, to kissing her brother on the red carpet to admitting to be dating women but from all those stories she has transformed her life into always been in the headlines for the wrong reasons to making a difference in the world. Going to war zones and coming back to USA and making the leaders of the world hear her insights because she actually visited those places and not just doing it for political reasons.

2) Loving Mother
Now you would say 'Just adopting kids and being rich is enough'- Not true. Lot of people can do that but not celebrities who are named the most beautiful in the world and yet she chooses to spend her time with her children and give up her career and take up serious causes. I hate ppl like Chelsea Handler who bad mouthed Angelina so much and obviously coz shes Jennifer anistons friend. Oh come on! Why jolie why not look at the fact. Brad pitt left her. Anyways, this is debatable topic, I just dont like ppl going around talk ill about people .It doesnt make Jolie look bad, it made Chelsea look bad. Thats all.

3) Her struggles with cancer and being open about it. It takes guts and determination to fight an illness and remove your ovaries to make sure that you can live a long life and in doing so she has educated women and given some strength to those who might be suffering similar battles in their life. 

4) Her poise and grace in handling controversies. I have never seen angelina speak ill or say anything bad about anyone. Her interviews are always about people or events relating to her work and thats the way it should be.

5) Shes the most beautiful women, yet she never seems to have the attitude or throw any weight around.

These just might be a few points but they do make Angelina what she is today! And this post is dedicated to the substance that she is. Angelina, you are the most amazing women and let me say that you have forever changed the way I look at the world. You have taught me that if adversities are faced or if have gone through a rough patch in your life and people are judging you stay focused on what you want to achieve and you will always get it.  
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