August 21, 2014

Inspirations of the week

I know its been ages I have done a post and so sorry about that guys! I suddenly got into this impulsive need to get into sports! And I chose Basketball of all of them, as a result, I have managed to hurt my back and my hand lol....forgetting that I am a mother first and a kid later haha..But offlate my son has got the need to love the basketball court and we couldnt get away from it and it brought out the sportive side of me and has inspired me now to take up one sport atleast... :D 

Diverting from the actual reason for putting this post. If you guys follow me on TUMBLR I have gone beserk on it. Haha...lately inspiration has taken over after getting into reading offlate...EL James and Nora Roberts are the two authors I have read 8 books in 4 days. Basically, the injury has resulted in me sitting around and good excuse to look at my iBooks on my iPad :p So here are some of my inspiration pics from there and Weheartit. I love inspirational pics they bring out the best in me. Oh and Christian Grey a.k.a Jamie Dornan is getting under my skin after I decided to have a look at his model shots and his tv shows like 'The Fall' quite powerful in his performances, apparently hes worked really hard to be able to play Christian- Lets DROOL shall we.?

August 2, 2014

50 Shades of Grey - My thoughts

The most anticipated movie after twilight has got to be 50 shades of grey. It's a mix of passionate romance and gorgeous love story. I envisioned Ian Somerholder in a gorgeous character of piercing eyes and the description in the book. Can't believe it's Jamie Dorman. My friends and I had a huge debate regarding this. But even though we are Team Ian, we just have to wait and watch Jamie Dorman does justice to the role. I feel Dakota looks quite apt for the role. The trailer was also launched recently where theres a lot of passion and its been criticised for heavily emphasizing on seduction rather than romance...The debate continues....Im still reading the book right now haha. So I am getting a good visual of what the movie gonna be like.

I have now almost finished the triology! WOW! That is some adreline rush,...many people criticise that its just a adult book. What they are missing as the issue at this stage is sex is part of romance. Why do people need to cheapen the romance of the book just coz it has S&M. The reason behind why Christian grey is the way he is I somehow feel people have missed that point all together. If it was only about being a adult book there are millions of those books all there. The reason Twilight and Fifty shades have become such blockbusters is because they depict the depths of romance. You read these books and find yourself looking at your relationship or partner is a more attractive way and it shows u how to value that more. But i gues its each one to their own opinion. Just this is why I enjoyed reading these books. I must admit S&M i wasnt a fan of reading i these books but somehow the storyline and romance was so powerful it makes you understand how love can change someone for the better....Which is what I truly believe is the case of life. Love is the only emotion that can make us better people. THat is really what Fifty shades is about. 

July 25, 2014

New Love - Dior Lavender Nail Polish!

Recently, I have been loving the Dior nail polish and wearing it quite a bit. One of my favorite summer colours too is  Lavender and I thought I would review this one for you l ovelies. The Dior nail polish is number 694 and what I liked the most about Dior nail polishes is the scented quality. Lovely. 

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