April 15, 2014

Yellow is the new Black!

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I know that black is probably the eternal favorite for all! I agree too...its a great colour and I love it! But there are these other colours that brighten up your day like yellow does for me. So when I came across this gorgeous studded bag from Sammydress.  It made me totally happy and joyful. I was looking for a simple yet very stylish bag, not to big for my daily wear. This was perfect and they were gracious to send it to me as a lovely gift. It has got me curious about this lovely site, and I have bought few bags I really loved after I got this one! Just did a video too you can catch it here...

April 11, 2014

Another day, another occasion

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Its really gorgeous to spend your days going through some lovely outfits and be able to select something special for lovely occasion. So I totally fell in love with the dresses I am coming across lately, somehow the dresses I find here are making me be more selective they are too long or too short Im a total 'Victoria beckham' fashion fan. What is that exactly. I mean to say I love pencil skirts offlate. They are elegant and right length for me. I think they make you look elegant without trying to make you feel over the top in my dressing.
Besides that, I have also been browsing online a lot. As by now you guys might have figured I came across this store called Dresswe,  http://www.dresswe.com 

I've loved all their selections especially in Dresswe Vintage Prom Dresses, Dresswe Prom shoes, Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses, dresswe wedding accessories online, dresswe designer dresses. You can get all these lovely outfits in the following links http://www.dresswe.com/vintage-prom-dresses-7894, http://www.dresswe.com/prom-shoes-7289  http://www.dresswe.com/designer-dresses-103887 Have you come across any nice online stores in fashion lately. leave a comment below would love to hear about them!Got lot of my pencil style dresses too! 

April 4, 2014

Sao Paulo fashion week (SPFW) 2015

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So the latest Sao Paulo Fashion Week was really a treat to watch. I love the splashes of colour and the detailing. The cuts very edgy yet wearable. I really feel disappointed if I see a fashion show and it doesnt even have anything interesting. This fashion week caught my eye and thought Iäd share it with you guys. This week was super special as I celebrated my sons 1st bday on 2 April. Gosh, time seems to be already flying so fast. But I absolutely love the way I spend time with him which my super crazy work life didnt allow me. So having this blog and working with some of my clients is super fun!!