September 15, 2014

Fairy Tale Wedding

Oh a wedding. The most special moment in a womens life. I think she dreams of her special day more than anyone else. How her dress would look, how the venue would be and how the guests would cheer and clap for the lovely couple. Most of all the Dress....oh it has to be exquisite. Even though its just one day, the memories of it are most important. So today I am selecting some of my favorite bridal dresses from the lovely fashion store - DRESSV and they have asked me to select what I have liked for this weeks post. Here are my selections hope you liked them.  

September 13, 2014

Current Favorite - Apple Earpods

The moment I bought the Apple's Earpods I knew that I had found my dream earphones. Now, I pretty much live on my Ipod-Ipad-and Iworld things :p mostly coz my little one sleeps and its my favorite things to have in my ears while Im cooking or doing my mundane stuff. So my old usual Apple earphones were wearing out and my son decided to take them and crush it lol. Which prompted me to get a new pair. Though I came across Earpods and aptly priced higher than the other ones, it has the option to take and end calls, microphone and listening to your music and skips songs too!! All in one. Totally worth the money. 

The best part about this app naturally is I love the sound quality. Its fits perfectly in my ears and gives you a surround sound effect in your ears like your sitting in Imax and listening to music or movies on my Ipod or Ipad too! If you are looking for some good ear phones dont miss it. Highly recommended and I love it!

September 11, 2014

Just a housewife?

I dont get people really. I mean if you work too much, you are a workoholic. If you are a housewife you dont have a excited life. REALLY? Why do people need to stereotype situations I dont get it. I had this impulse to do this post for all the mothers out there who have come across what I have recently experienced. At a social event, the discussion went to the direction about future ambitions and careers. Expectantly, a lady turned to me and said, 'So what do you do?' I replied, 'Well, I am a housewife' There was literally silence. And I got a confused look from her. and she followed her question, 'What do you do with ALL that free time?'

I felt my blood boiling. Oh Free time, I screamed in my head. Oh I dont know, clean, cook, change diapers, feed my son around the clock, get up at odd hours, running around after him, keep him busy so he doesnt hurt himself, take care of the house, my husband, and on and on....None of the things she must be doing thanks to her 'HECTIC' work schedule as she puts it. 

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