October 1, 2014


As some of you might already have guessed from my twitter feeds, books are something I have gotten obsessed with offlate. So on Goodreads, I have challenged myself to finish 50 books this year...with just a few months left I figured it would be something I can achieve coz I have already finished about 22. Nora roberts is my current fav and I have almost finished one book of hers daily in the last week. Now though, I have to really achieve it and you guys can follow me on Goodreads and you can see the books I have read and written my reviews for them as well there. Also including 50 shades I think I have read like 15 times I think now the triology! Phew, the romance is amazing guys, though I am sure most of you will think I didnt read it for that haha...

September 26, 2014

My Burberry Body Mist Spray Review

Its been a while I have done one of my reviews for favorite products. Though recently I did feature my latest June favorites and had a lot of my favorites accessories. Today, I wanted to tell you guys about the Body Mist spray by Burberry I have gotten obsessed with. This gorgeous new scent is definitely heavily priced but I felt worth it! I got mine in the big size 85ML and damn its my favorite. Its got the floral scent to it and makes me feel so very feminine. Its a mix of roses and lilies with a hint of citric tinge to it. Though, I have already been wearing it and being appreciated for it. If you are looking for a new scent with the best of both sexy and sweet feel to it. They have made it amazing.

September 21, 2014

Dealbreakers in Relationships

Most unlikely the topic I would never start off with in my blog.  The change in weather has also welcomed everyone with some health issues but I guess thats normal and even a passing phase. Besides that though, today I thought I would share some insight on relationships and what are deal breakers.I was seeing some of the recent shows on Oprah and she emphasies a lot on relationships. And I thought I would also share my insight on this aspect. Often times I have come across or spoken to people dealling with relationship issues and found a few common grounds that should never be compromised on. Though I dont claim to be an expert I still feel that maybe some of these things you might experience and would like to share my thoughts on the same.

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